5-Pack of 3" Bendable Green Aliens

Looking for a few ride-along buddies for your Jeep? These Aliens make for perfect companions out on the trail or your daily commute.

You'll receive a family of 5 Aliens. We cannot disclose what planet they come from. No birth certificates will be provided.

You may name them whatever you want. Just don't use the name E.T....they will be very insulted and you don't want to upset these extraterrestrials. 

🔫They are deathly allergic to Toyota Priuses, FJs and Hummers so please keep that in mind. If they get too close, they will provide their mothership with GPS coordinates and blow it up with their high-powered lasers.

☀️These Aliens enjoy basking in the sun but NOT in direct sunlight! They have a strong preference to the Alien Sunshade which provides the perfect amount of sunlight to maintain their healthy, green skin.

🤸‍♀️They are highly flexible, but don't sign them up for gymnastics. We tried and they're terrible.

Instead, you can bend them and place them throughout your Jeep. They can hold on to anything like antennas, handles and they also fit nicely in our Alien Sunshade Trail Pouches.

These Aliens are actually marsupials which is why they respond so well to being placed in the Trail Pouch.

🌱They are relatively low maintenance. You don't need to feed them. They're also just like plants so they use photosynthesis to provide themselves with the necessary energy to live! Marsupial Plants?...don't ask...

They just need to be taken on daily Jeep rides. On or off-road is fine, but they tend to live longer when exposed to extreme terrain.