What's the Point of a Jeep Sunshade Mesh Top Anyways?

Our customers have repeatedly told us that their Alien Sunshade has been one of their all-time favorite modifications to their Jeeps.

Here are just a few of them:

★  ★  ★  ★  

"I LOOOOVE my shade! And my mesh sack for the grab handle and my rubisack on my spare tire while trail riding!! Probably my most fave accessories on my jeep!"
- Jenni A.

"Can't give it enough stars. I live in Dallas, and it is HOT! but I love rolling with my top and doors off, I put a two piece on and I don't know if I will ever put my top back on, rain or shine. love the product!"
- Shane W.

"Love my sunshade. Makes it so much cooler inside the Jeep on a hot day."
- Dana M.

Amanda NPicture submitted by Amanda N.

★  ★  ★  ★  

Sure that makes us feel all nice and fuzzy inside but for anyone who has never experienced a Jeep with one of our sunshades, they often ask us this:

"What's the point of getting a sunshade? I can remove my freedom tops and get that open air experience in my Jeep. I don't want anything between me and that nice warm sun."

Good question and fair point!

Allow us to explain why a sunshade mesh top is so cool! (literally and figuratively of course)

Our sunshades not only provide an additional touch of style, but they're functional as well!

Without one, there's nothing in between you and the sun (which on the surface is about 10,000°F!) and that means 2 things: painful sunburns and feeling like you're baking in an oven.

Yes, direct exposure to the sun feels good but after 10 minutes, you'll want to hide under the nearest overpass so you can stop yourself from becoming a BBQ chicken and wipe the tears of pain from your face!

Alien Sunshade BBQ Chicken

They provide incredible protection against harmful UV rays during those hot, sunny days in your Wrangler when you have the top off. They also help to keep things cooler in your Wrangler compared to without one.

If you've ever had the top down, you've probably noticed the wind noise can be pretty loud. With our shade, wind noise will actually be slightly reduced which is music to your ears.

You still get that amazing top down open air feeling without the top but with the added benefits of SUN PROTECTION and WIND NOISE REDUCTION.

With our Jeep Sunshades, you can even keep them installed if ever you want to reinstall your top. Simply remove a few bungees at the front!

"Outstanding product, I COULDN'T be happier. Easy install on my 2 door JK and I don't have to worry about removing it to close my soft top."
- Marcin P.

Convinced? Check out our entire lineup of Jeep Sunshade Mesh Tops by clicking here or on the image below.

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