Meet Our Alien Sunshade Brand AmbassadorsšŸ‘½

In mid 2017, we sought out to assemble a team of enthusiastic and passionate Jeep owners to represent our brand.Ā This decision was sparked by the simple fact that we hadĀ received countless emails from individuals looking to represent our brand. We agreed this would be a fantastic opportunity to grow our brand alongside a team of energetic individuals with fuel running through their veins.Ā 

So without further delay, here is our Team of Brand Ambassadors.

Name:Ā TJ Langenbacher


Location: Duncansville, PA

Jeep Model:Ā 2011 Jeep Wrangler JK Rubicon

Alien Sunshade Gear: I am proudly representing a 2-door JKFB sunshade and Rubisack.Ā 

Modifications List: I run a 3.5ā€ Metalcloak Gamechanger lift and 37X12.50X17 Kanati Mud Hog tires. I like this model because itā€™s newer, I was set on getting a Rubicon so that I would have lockers, and it is reliable enough to drive on the highway hours away but still be a beast off-road. Previously I had a 2005Ā TJĀ with a 4ā€ Rough Country lift and 33ā€ BFG tires. My first vehicle was a 1989 Jeep Cherokee.Ā 

Favorite Place to Off-Road? My favorite place to off-road is Doe Valley in Windber PA with my buddies Seth and Brian.

Where can people follow you?ļ»æ Instragram: jk_adventuring

Name:Ā Cameron Lawrence


Location: Birmingham, AL

Jeep Model:Ā 2009 Wrangler JK Sahara.Ā  I got a great deal on it and I loved the painted fenders and hard top. My original plan was to keep it stock, but as you can see it didn't work out that way!

Alien Sunshade Gear: I am running the Orange JKFB sunshade, Orange TrailPouch, and an Orange Mesh Rubisack.Ā 

Modifications List: There are too many to list, but the main mods are my Metalcloak Overland fenders, Metalcloak Overline rock sliders and my Poison Spyder BFH trail stinger andĀ Poison Spyder BFH rear bumper.

Favorite Place to Off-Road? My favorite place to go off-road would be Adventure Off-road Park with my Jeep club, Birmingham-JK!

Where can people follow you?ļ»æĀ Instagram: django_jk