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How do I install my new Alien Sunshade?

Watch this video for detailed instructions on how to install your Jeep sunshade in under 15 minutes.

If you're struggling with the bungees, here's a quick little hack to make it a bit easier! Just a little bit of paracord (or strong string) will do the trick. Simply feed it through the loop of the bungee, feed the 2 loose ends of the paracord through the bracket, pull it towards the bungee ball, look it around the ball and then pull the paracord!

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What's the point of a sunshade?

Our customers have repeatedly told us that the Alien Sunshade has been one of their favorite modifications to their Jeeps.

However, for those individuals who have never experienced a Jeep with one of our sunshades, they often ask this question.

Our sunshades not only provide an additional touch of style, but they're functional as well!

Without one, there's nothing in between you and the sun and that means 2 things: painful sunburns and feeling like you're baking in an oven.

They provide incredible protection against harmful UV rays during those hot, sunny days in your Wrangler when you have the top off. They also help to keep things cooler in your Wrangler compared to without one.

If you've ever had the top down, you've probably noticed the wind noise can be pretty loud. With our shade, wind noise will be slightly reduced.

You still get that amazing top down open air feeling without the top but with the added benefits of sun protection and wind reduction.

With our JKF model, you can even keep it installed if ever you want to reinstall your top. Simply remove 3 of the bungees at the front.


Why is there an unused front-middle grommet on my JK Alien Sunshade?

In 2009, Jeep shifted the placement of the front-middle footmans loop to the left roughly 1.5″. Our JK shades feature two front-middle footmans loop grommets so that the top can be installed on any JK – both pre-2009 and post-2009. If your JK is a 2007 or 2008 model, install your shade using the grommet directly in the front center of the top. If your JK is a 2009 or later model, install your shade using the grommet closer to the driver’s side.