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"Can't give it enough stars. I live in Dallas, and it is HOT! but I love rolling with my top and doors off, I put a two piece on and I don't know if I will ever put my top back on, rain or shine. love the product!"
- Shane W 

"We have a Jeep Renegade with the MySky roof and love taking off the tops, but not getting sunburned. Our Alien Sunshade allows us to enjoy the sun without the burn. Absolutely love it!"
- Vanessa B

"This shade is amazing! Ordered front and back shades for my 2013 JKU in red and it helps keep the sun off of my kiddos but still lets them enjoy the jeep fun."
- Kim Y

"Spent the entire Jeep beach week under our new alien sunshade front and rear mesh and never felt the harsh sun on us. It’s going to stay permanently on my Jeep."
- Richard L 

"I have purchased a few shades from different companies and this is by far my favorite. Less money than spiderwebshade and in my opinion better quality as well. Also super fast delivery."
- Andy B

"Outstanding product, I COULDN'T be happier. Easy install on my 2 door JK and I don't have to worry about removing it to close my soft top."
- Marcin P

"This is seriously the best thing I've bought for my Jeep! It's like sunglasses for your whole vehicle and allows me to enjoy going topless more often!"
- Melanie M


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