Our Story

Alien Sunshade is a Jeep accessories company born out of pure love for Jeeps! We believe in providing quality products for Jeeps at amazing prices, so everyone can have the best Jeep driving experience.

Welcome to Alien Sunshade! We started our company because we love Jeeps and wanted to provide a wide range of customers with the right Jeep accessories at the best prices. We are proudly located near the Jeep Wrangler assembly plant in Toledo, Ohio, and our love for Jeeps only increases day by day. We combine our quality products with exceptional customer service, so your experience with Alien Sunshade will be a great one!

How Alien Sunshade Began

Our story begins with our search for finding the right accessories for our own Jeep. We wanted quality, good value for money products that would last us a long time. However, the few good options we found came with huge price tags so we decided to take things in our own hands. We paired with designers and manufacturers to create the products we wanted. The results of this decision were better than we expected – to this day, we love and use the first sunshade we created. After our initial success, we decided to help Jeep owners all over the world with our products. We created more and more styles with better design and functionality to finally emerge with a Jeep accessories collection that customers all over the world love for their Jeeps.


Our Mission

Our mission here at Alien Sunshine is to allow everyone to enjoy the best Jeep driving experience. We drive Jeeps ourselves and know how amazing driving with the right level of comfort can be, so that is what we strive to offer to our customers.

The Ideal Jeep Accessories Brand

We are led by our Midwestern values – transparency, dedication, reliability, and enthusiasm so we will never compromise on the promises we make to our customers. Today, tomorrow, and continually in the future, Alien Sunshade will provide high quality Jeep accessories at low prices, sold with the best customer care.

The Alien Sunshade Ambassador Team

After receiving inquiries from Jeep owners wanting to represent our brand and promote our products, we made the decision to open our new Brand Ambassador Program. These are individuals who are completely immersed in the Jeep community and who share our same crazy passion about Jeeps.

This initiative has been crucial in expanding our brand's reach and growth by empowering our team of energetic Jeepers. Click here to meet our team of Alien Sunshade Brand Ambassadors!

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