October 08, 2016 3 min read

Jeep has roots in Toledo, Ohio.


The Jeep first gained notoriety when it was used in World War II for the United States and has served as the foundation of the modern SUV ever since! Jeep was founded when the U.S. Military needed fast transportation for scouting and delivering communications.

The original Jeep played a huge role on D-Day, and it was often used in convoys to deliver messages and supplies in the South Pacific during the Allied offensive. Jeeps were also used to get weapons and ammo to the front lines. 

The compact design of the original Jeep meant it could accompany troops on war aircraft and the durability meant it could suffer blemishes yet still work flawlessly. The simplicity of the way the Jeep was built meant it could be fixed and maintained faster and cheaper than other vehicles.

The Jeep was a result of three companies coming together (American Bantam Car Company, Ford Motor Company, and Willys-Overland LLC) inventing the original Jeep. The U.S. Military wanted specific standards to be met including a large load capacity of up to 650 pounds and a low height not to exceed 35 inches.

Jeep production began in earnest in 1941 with Willys-Overland building over 360,000 Jeeps in Toledo, Ohio. At this plant, a Jeep could be fully assembled in just over two minutes.

The name “Jeep” has many different stories for the origin of the name. Some say it earned the name from the Popeye cartoon character with the same name because that character was strong and mobile just like the vehicle. Other origins include the pronunciation of the early Ford variant of the Jeep called the Model “GP” for General Purpose.

Over the years, the ownership of the Jeep brand has changed. A high-point for the company was when Jeep experienced massive success in 1983 when the first version of the eventual Jeep Cherokee was launched. This model was more spacious, weighed less, and its unibody design, which appealed to the masses, sparked the SUV trend that still reigns today.

Today, Toledo is the only place in the entire world that still makes the Jeep Wrangler.  With the recent announcement of a $700 million investment in the Toledo plant, the Wrangler will likely be built here for decades to come. What is so alluring about the Jeep brand is that it exudes a sense of adventure, which bonds the driver and the machine. People form a relationship to the reliability that a Jeep provides.

Alien Sunshade knows that history can play a big part in the passion a Jeeper has for their Jeep. Knowing the history of your favorite Jeep can only further enrich the love you have for something you spend time with every day.

In recent years, Toledo continues to play a major role for the Jeep brand. In 2007, Toledo became home to the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited – the first four-door edition of the Wrangler line.

Here at Alien Sunshade we hope to continue the long-lasting legacy that the Jeep brand has built over the last 75 years around the world as well as in Toledo. We understand the importance of what owning a Jeep means and that is why we are based in the Toledo area. Since 2013, we’ve focused on one goal – delivering accessories of the highest quality for Jeep branded vehicles at fair prices. We design and distribute our shades across the entire globe. Alien Sunshade products are brought to you by people who love Jeeps, for people who love Jeeps.